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Underfloor Heating HertfordshireUnderfloor heating could be the answer for your Hertfordshire house extension!

With gas prices in the UK having shot up astronomically in the past few months, homeowners are, unsurprisingly, looking for ways to bring down their rising energy bills. And the answer could lie in turning away from the traditional heating systems and towards a cleaner, smarter alternative.

At Abbey Building, we’ve seen a definite increase recently in customers  enquiring about underfloor heating.  This is especially the case with homeowners interested in underfloor heating for their house extension.

Underfloor heating Hertfordshire

There are two types of underfloor heating system: electric (or “dry”) and water (“wet”). By effectively turning the floor area into one giant radiator, this alternative modern heating method, which uses radiant heat technology, offers some big plus points (apart from the obvious advantage of toasty warm feet in the winter!):

  • It uses 15–40% less energy than traditional radiators
  • Systems are easy and safe to install
  • Easy to run, and virtually maintenance-free
  • Free up living space by removing the need for radiators
  • Works will all floor coverings
  • Better for your heath: unlike radiators, your underfloor heating won’t encourage dust to move around the room.
  • By installing a sophisticated heating system, you’ll enhance the value of your home to buyers

It’s also important to consider the cons when weighing up your decision:

  • Installation cost – can be high, especially if fitting it retrospectively
  • Takes longer to heat the room fully
  • If the floor height needs to be raised, this will affect the door and ceiling height

While more expensive to install than radiators, the far lower running costs will help offset this initial outlay. By installing energy-efficient underfloor heating, you can save on your heating bills (if you opt for a “wet” system), and enjoy the comfort of an evenly heated room. No more cold zones!

If you’re considering underfloor heating for your house extension in Hertfordshire, please get in touch for your free, no-obligation quote.