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With the cost of moving to a new house so high, many homeowners prefer to save on moving costs and instead spend their money on improving their current home. So what does it now cost to buy a Hertfordshire home and which home improvements are the most popular?

The average house price in Hertfordshire is £402,000, according to Office for National Statistics data released in August 2017. That’s 1.7 times the UK average of £233,000. To move into a £402,000 property, the stamp duty alone would be £10,100 not to mention the higher cost for a bigger or better home, estate agent fees and other moving costs.

Home improvements

Overall, 43% of homeowners have carried out major works on their property in the last 5 years, a recent GoCompare survey reveals. The top five most popular improvements are simply: installation of a new bathroom, new kitchen, new boiler or heating, new double glazing and making over the garden. Some homeowners have fitted solar panels too.

You might be surprised to learn that so many of homeowners are extending and converting their homes. A huge 17%, that’s almost 1 in 5, have built an extension. A further 12%, have knocked through rooms. Loft conversions are popular with 10% of homeowners. A further 9% have added a valuable extra bedroom.

1Installed a new bathroom39%
2Fitted a new kitchen 38%
3Installed a new boiler or central heating system34%
4Garden make-over 26%
5Installed double glazing26%
6Built an extension17%
7Knocked through rooms12%
8Fitted solar panels 12%
9Created an attic conversion 10%
10Added an extra bedroom9%

Source: GoCompare top 10 home improvements 2017

If you’re considering home improvements such as, an extension with a new kitchen, loft or garage conversion or adding an extra bedroom then Abbey Building Services and Maintenance can help. For a no-obligation discussion to explore the possibilities please contact Richard Bamforth at Abbey on 07818 061505 or send an email.